Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Style baby, style. Example 1.

Everyone knows what they want. It's just really hard sometimes to convey that information to others. Especially when it comes to the look for an animated show or short. It's all part of the process. Now, I know. For anyone who works in the animation/illustration industry this is old news. But, for those who don't... here's a little show and tell. Some directors or producers know exactly what they want. Some, even design the entire look of a show themselves. That's great! But what if, you know what you want, but you can't draw? You go out and get someone who can. But, it doesn't stop there. Just because someone can draw, doesn't mean that the job is done. It's still a matter of trial and error. Without getting into the specifics, here are some different takes on an idea. Same two characters, different styles. This one was too cartoony.

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