Saturday, June 30, 2012


On June 15th, 2012, my good friend of twenty years, Rob Delorme passed away. The loss to his parents, sisters and his friends can't be described with this simple post. 

Unlike me, Rob was a hell of a writer. We would always come up with a concept, he would start to write, I would start to draw and then the day to day stuff of life would get in the way. He was easily my greatest supporter. If I was down and out over something I did, he always found a bright spot. His enthusiasm was infectious. 

I'm going to miss the endless hours of talking bullshit about comics, movies, girls, politics, bands and pretty much anything under the sun. Laughing all the while. So, here's a small tribute. Rob looking out over the field next to his parents house. It's nowhere near as beautiful to the real thing.  

To Bernie Lomacks, Rob Dog, Bob, Bobby Ottawa, Bobby O, Deezy, Deez nuts and my man Delorme, you made me a happier and better person for knowing you. 

Tube a roo my friend. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


A sketch I did while waiting for ink to dry on another project. Plus, I was too lazy to clean my brushes at the time. So, young Hellboy. Brushes, black and white ink on Bristol.